New CRO CORE System Launched in December 2020 incorporates plenty of new features that will make filing with CRO easier and more efficient.

Main Features of the new CORE Portal are:

  • PDF signatures – The most welcomed feature of the new portal is the ability to upload the signature page of the CRO form in PDF directly into the CORE Portal without the need to post the form to CRO. However the use of E-signatures to sign the signature page is not permitted, user still have to generate a signature page, sign and scan it back through the portal.
  • Automatic 56 days to file Annual Returns – Now companies will have a 56 days from its annual return date to prepare the annual return (with financial statements, signed and scanned) and generate the signature page to be signed by wet signature of a director and secretary and finally upload the signed page and pay the fees.
  • Faster processing times.
  • Facility to email link the signature page to the director and secretary to sign and upload.
  • Facility to invite the clients to pay the CRO fees
  • Integrated document ordering

Note: The article is a quick snippet from CRO and CORE for information purposes only and does not constitute legal or other advice.